Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the special day, give thanks and I hope you are having delicious food with family and friends!

Here are some links to leftovers recipes to make good use of all of the food you do not finish today!!!

Food Network

CD Kitchen

Better Homes and Gardens

Readers Digest

Martha Stewart

Eating Well

Betty Crocker

Each link has tons of great ideas- try and come up with something new!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving for the allergic...

I know it is no funny matter- but I swear- everyone I know now has some major food allergies to deal with!! Gluten intolerance, Wheat allergy, Dairy allergies...the list is getting longer by the hour.

I am VERY thankful to not have any food allergies- but I would love to offer some Thanksgiving recipes for those who do suffer from food issues.

Many of my friends tell me that with some practice and trial and error, most recipes can be made as good as the originals- so I hope these recipes help!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars (Gluten Free and Dairy Free) from Jules Gluten Free

Graham Cracker or Gingersnap Pie Crusts (Gluten Free and can be made Dairy free with butter substitute) from Jules Gluten Free

Biscuits (Gluten Free) from Elanas Pantry

Tips and about 100 recipes from Gluten-Free Goddess

A random collection of recipes from my friend Mairi on her blog Gluten Free Together

AND if that is not enough- I have an eBook that is in .pdf format called "Gluten Free Thanksgiving" with 52 pages of recipes for the big day. Leave me a comment with your e-mail if you want a copy!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Healthified Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Yum Yum!! Everyone has their favorite recipes and I say- make them!! Indulge in your favorites and don't obsess too much over a meal that only comes once a year. BUT if you are interested in trying some new ideas- I am going to be posting some healthy suggestions over the next week or so.

To get started:

Healthified Pumpkin Pie from Eat Better America

Fresh Green Bean Casserole- no condensed soup required- from Brown Eyed Baker!

Sage Roasted Potatoes from Eat Better America

Healthified Sweet Potato Casserole from Eat Better America

Cranberry Sauce with no refined sugar from Food Network


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breastfeeding Past Infancy

My favorite breastfeeding site- has published a fact sheet on breastfeeding past infancy (12 months and beyond).

These are wonderful facts for your own benefit and also if you are experiencing questions from others on why you are considering/or have chosen to breastfeed past one year.

Check it out by clicking HERE!

and don't forget to share with all of your Mommy friends!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 Unexpectedly Unhealthy Kids Foods

A great article from Yahoo about seemingly healthy items that really are not so healthy...

"5 Unexpectedly Unhealthy Kids' Foods

Yogurt, applesauce, whole grain cereal, fruit juice– these sound like staples of a healthy child’s diet, right? However, these wholesome sounding foods may really be full of fat, sugar, sodium, and unnecessary additives or have little nutritional value at all. Read on to learn how to decipher food labels and make healthier choices for your kids.

1. The PB & J
This classic kid food is perfect for lunchboxes and last minute meals, but the traditional version on white bread leaves much to be desired nutritionally. Commercial peanut butters are full of artery-clogging hydrogenated oils and added sugars. And spreading on grape jelly adds an extra helping of simple sugars. It’s easy to make your sandwich a nutritional winner, though, by using whole grain bread, natural peanut butter, and an all-fruit spread. The complex carbs and fiber in the bread combined with the protein and good fats in natural peanut butter deliver a filling and balanced meal.

2. Baked Potato Chips and Pretzels
There’s nothing good or bad with baked chips and pretzels – and that’s exactly the problem. Though these baked snacks are much lower in fat than traditional chips and puffs, they really offer very little nutrient-wise. Pack more nutrients into your child’s snack or sandwich accompaniment by offering whole wheat pita chips or baked veggie chips, both of which are higher in fiber, B vitamins and some minerals. Another fiber-rich option snack option is popcorn, which most people don’t realize is actually a whole grain.

3. Whole Milk
Everyone knows kids need milk for good bone health, but did you know that kids don’t need the extra fat that’s in whole milk? In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that children over the age of two years drink low-fat (1%) milk. Toddlers need the extra fat in whole milk from 12 months to two years for development; but, after that, the additional fat isn’t necessary and can add extra calories to kids’ diets. If your child is hooked on whole milk, then transition him slowly to the low-fat option by mixing whole or 2% milk with 1% or skim. And, don’t worry about missing out on any calcium and Vitamin D. All milks have the same vitamin and mineral content, regardless of the fat content.

4. Apple Sauce
What could be more wholesome than applesauce, right? Think again. Most applesauce today is sweetened with added sugars and may even be tinted with artificial colorings. While there are nutritious ones out there, you have to know what to shop for. Look for the words “natural” or “unsweetened” on the label, which usually means the applesauce has no added sugars, just fruit. Double check the ingredient list to make sure apples and water are the primary ingredients. Organic varieties of unsweetened applesauce, which are made from apples grown on pesticide- and chemical-free farms, are available at some stores.

5. Packaged Lunches
Packaged lunches offer all types of deli meat, cheese and cracker combinations. Some varieties even have a drink and dessert included. Kids like having the option to build their own lunches; parents like the simplicity these lunches provide on busy mornings. However, these packaged meals are full of processed food items usually high in fat and sodium. We suggest making your own lunch combinations. Pack whole grain crackers or mini pitas with lean, low-sodium turkey or ham and cheese cubes. Round off the meal with a fruit and vegetable serving such as sweet cherry tomatoes, baby carrots or grapes. To save time in the morning, pre-portion items into individual containers the night before or when you get home from the grocery."


Good to know!! Check out the article for a link to "22 Healthy Lunch Ideas"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Freebies for Veterans!!

I found this great post at about several places that are giving away free meals and other items to military personnel on Veteran's Day.

Now- of course- a free meal cannot even BEGIN to repay our military members for all that they do and have done for us...but hopefully it is a fun little perk to enjoy.

Please pass this list along to all military families that you know!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Squash Rings

One Hungry Mama has done it again! A fabulous recipe that can be shared with babies as young as 6 months- but will be a guaranteed favorite with kids and adults alike!


From the One Hungry Mama website:

"I love Delicata squash! The heirloom variety is mild, buttery and as gorgeous to look at as it is to taste.
I recently roasted scallop-edged rings of this thin-skinned winter squash. They are as fun to eat as onion rings and (believe it or not) just as delicious. And way healthier! The edible skin gets crispy during roasting, giving these finger food rings a little crunch that gives way to soft squash that I like to finish with nutty thyme browned butter, a squirt of lemon and sprinkle of parmesan.
Just writing about it makes my mouth water! If reading about it is doing the same for you, get my recipe at The Family Kitchen: Roasted Delicata Squash Rings with Thyme Browned Butter (can be shared with kids 6+ mos)*

Oh, and if you’re already starting to think about holiday vegetables, bookmark these. They’d make a lovely Thanksgiving (or Hanukkah or Christmas!) side.

*Note: Peels the skin off for children not yet eating finger foods"


And you can of course, add your own spin to this recipe! I am definitely going to try it out- I am sure my son will think these are so fun and delicious!

Click here to view the recipe for Squash Rings