Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meal Planning and Freezer Cooking

In my attempt to save money and make my life easier, I have been working at learning how to meal plan and freezer cook. At first, I thought it sounded so easy...boy was I wrong! I mean, once you get the hang of it- it IS easy. It saves so much time and money. However, it is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.

It is hard for me- because I am more casual when it comes to eating. Whatever I feel like at the moment, is what I want to eat. I don't like planning out meals, despite being a planner in most other areas of my life. But with me only working part-time and now having two kids- it has become a necessity.

It also has been interesting for me to do this while keeping health in mind. Some freezer cooking options are not the healthiest. Plus, when you eat mostly fresh foods and not as many processed, boxed foods, it is hard to only grocery shop every few weeks and plan ahead.

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BUT- it can be done. I am not going crazy with it, but I am incorporating some ideas into my routine.

Check out some great resources and menu suggestions here:

It is the same principal as making your own baby food. You control the ingredients, you save money, and buy spending some time once in awhile, you save time on a daily basis by having the food ready to go!

So- let me know! Do you do freezer cooking or meal planning? Tips? SHARE!

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